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WYNHOVEN Apartments Marrero Louisiana

There are two buildings in the complex Building 1 which is 4600 Tenth St, built in 1979, and Building 2, which was added later, 4601 Tenth St. . . . Building One has 11 floors, Building Two has 8 floors, and There are approximately 8 to 10 apartments per floor. Some small efficiency apartments, others one bedroom.
The First or Main floor is taken up by management offices, cafeteria, auditorium, etc.
Eligibility is open for those 60 years of age or older, and for those with certain disabilities.
HISTORICAL INFORMATION The Wynhoven Apartments were named after Msgr. Peter M.H.Wynhoven of the Catholic Church, clergyman, journalist, social worker.
Born, Venray, Holland, December 30, 1884. Education: college of the Franciscan Fathers in his native village and, after immigrating to the United States in 1904 under the sponsorship of Father Arthur Jerome Drossaerts, studied philosophy in New Orleans and theology in Kenrick Seminary, St. Louis, Mo.; ordained June 11, 1909, St. Louis. Appointments: 1911, assistant priest, St. Mary's New Orleans; 1912-1914, assistant priest, St. Louis Cathedral; 1915-1917, vice-chancellor of archdiocese of New Orleans; 1917-1935, pastor, St. Joseph's, Gretna, La.; 1935-1944, pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes, New Orleans. Manager, archdiocesan paper The Morning Star, 1912-1917; 1932, founder of the Catholic Action of the South and until 1944 its editor-in-chief. Established a printing press at Hope Haven, an industrial home for boys. Wrote several popular books, which addressed current moral problems. Committed to the social apostolate, provided housing and nourishment for the downtrodden drifters in New Orleans. Called his boarding house St. Vincent Hotel. Established Hope Haven, Marrero, La., for boys; Madonna Manor for girls, 1932. Organized, 1924 Associated Catholic Charities. Organizational skills recognized with appointment as active general chairman of the Eighth National Eucharistic Congress, 1938. Named domestic prelate, 1934.
Died, September 14, 1944, and interred on the grounds of Hope Haven. Nearby, Wynhoven Apartments, a residence for senior citizens, Marrero, La., named in his honor.
E.F.N. Sources: Archives of the Archdiocese of New Orleans; Catholic Directories, 1911-1917; Roger Baudier
THE MANAGEMENT TEAM The Management Team of Wynhoven Apartments is Christopher Homes Inc., a subsidiary of the Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans Louisiana.
The Chief Executive Officer is Dennis Adams
Before joining Christopher Homes, Inc., Adams worked for 30 years as Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President, and Director of The Earnest Corporation (Mandeville, LA). Adams was part of the management team that developed and marketed 1,000 single-family lots, 350 residential condos, numerous single-family homes, and two 18 whole championship golf courses, with a full service country club and amenities. He also managed a community association of 1,500 members and several condo associations. He graduated with honors in Accounting from Northeast Louisiana University.
Attempting to contact Mr. Adams with problems, or concerns by the residence usually is met with a deaf ear. The only time he is seen around the Wynhoven Apartments is for staff meetings, and public relations sessions.
MANAGERSThere has been a number of managers in charge, most have either left under a cloud, or just moved on to better positions. Preference for new tenants has been given to black over white.
Dubious title of “Director of Service Coordinator” is the individual responsible for controlling activities for Christopher Homes, including Wynhoven Apartments. She is the boss of Mary Hunt, a supposed social worker.
Ms. Laiche has attempted and finale gained control over the resident’s council, (a private nor-profit corporation Wynhoven Residents Association Inc.) This also gives Christopher Homes control over the treasury, that supposedly belongs to the residents, of roughly over $250.000.00
MARY HUNTShe is the “Social Worker” for Wynhoven Apartments, but has very little education or experience in the field. She has very little knowledge to be of any assistance to the residents. I very pro black spending more time helping blacks then any other nationality.
Rumor has it that there maybe gratuities paid to Ms. Hunt by representative’s form certain companies to make presentations.
In addition to her salary, she receives a free apartment in building one, and a reserved parking space.
This represents only a brief listing of the Management Team, which is extensive, and has overlapping jurisdictions.
The over all management is more concerned with its image, then the needs of the residents.

Wynhoven Resident Association Inc. (Resident Council) Founded from a donation of $200,000.00 from, patron, and was inculpated as a Louisiana NON PROFIT Corporation, independent of Christopher Homes, and Wynhoven Apartments.
The initial Board of DIRECTORS were charged with the daily business operations, and to protect the funds from falling into the hands of Christopher Homes Inc. Through a number of false tales, and lies, apparently encourage by ANN LAICH, they were forced out. And the Association Council lay in operative for a while.
A second BOARD OF DIRECTOS was elected by the residence tenants, and the then president was strongly against serenading the funds to Christopher Homes. Again a situation arose were there were accusations, and false hoods against the president. Eventually the president was forced to resign, leaving the Board of Directors without a full quorum.
At his point, Ann Laiche stepped in and took control of the council. Directing the sole elected member to abide her direction.
Ms April Adams was appointed President without election by Ann Laiche, and Christopher Homes. During her tenure Ms. Adams in concert with Ann Laiche refused to issue treasurer reports, and failed to disclose how the money was being spent,
Part of the treasury eventually was turned over to Christopher Homes for control, with out the benefit of a vote by its membership. In the past, on eight separated occasions the membership had voted NOT to allow Christopher Homes to control the treasury.
When Ms Adams stepped downed Ms Clara Steele assumed and was appointed President, answering to Ann Laiche, and Christopher Homes.
Christopher Homes retain control of the daily operations.
Including ‘The Bird Cage”, a small goods store originally operated by the Wynhoven Association. One of many operations ceased by Christopher Homes.

The WYNHOVEN APARTMENTS and its problems Elevators in Building One are occasionally out of service. On a few occasions, they were out for two days. This traps individuals with wheel chairs, walkers, and cans on their floors, preventing exit. This also has happened in Building Two.
On occasions the outside security door in Building One will not operate.
Vagrants or Homeless persons have been found sleeping at night in Building One Lounge area.
Maintenance can be sporadic. Some repairs are ignored completely. Christopher Homes will spend money on exteriors appearance, instead of expending same amounts on improving, or up grading individual apartments.
Although alcohol and beer consumption is prohibited except in individual apartments, it is not unusual to find it being consumed on the front porch of Building One.
There is some illegal drugs being consumed in certain quarters and the front porch of Building One.

COCKROACHES infest both Building One and Two. They get in your clothes, furniture, bedding, and food. The insect control is not effective in killing the pest. You will need to get your own pest spray in any attempt to control the roaches.

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